Curious History:  Famous Demons

Kinda adorable

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Joseph Rock. Tibetan skeleton dancer. 1925.

Holi (by Variable)

"Moore’s intense distrust of religion extends beyond Christianity, Islam and the rest of the usual suspects. Since the word religion really means “bound together in one belief”, he says that some of the extreme rationalists are as guilty. “I find the idea of being bound together in one belief as an article of faith kind of disturbing wherever that occurs, whether that’s in fundamentalist Christianity or it’s in some of the extremes of current rationalist science. It’s unnatural.”"

(via Göbekli Tepe - Pictures, More From National Geographic Magazine)

I have to go to Gobekli Tepe. And soon. Please?

which I blog mainly because it is interesting, but also because he was a god of the Thracian Dacians (whose machinations set my heart racin’ with fascination)

I’ve seen the Lion Man before, but I’ve never really thought about it properly  - but it is truly amazing