BBC 6 Music TV Trailer (by sixgroupsix)

An incredibly awesome idea - an iPhone game that happens entirely in audio - was fooling around with something similar myself recently but, as usual, lacked the time, skills & application to see it to any kind of conclusion. This sounds great, though.

Thank you Baby Jesus, it’s just what I wanted! Hooray, hooray, even just for a day… (please stop making films and doing acting and having silly old careers, A&J. Seriously, who needs a career? Get back on the radio, we miss you)

"John Peel… said something once that I thought was really profound: He said that no one would bother making a record and sending it to him if he thought it was shitty. Obviously, to the people making those records, they are important. If he doesn’t get it as a listener, if he didn’t like it in some way, that’s his fault, not the fault of the people who did something important to them. That’s a pretty amazing, humble insight for someone like him to have."

Count Buckules’ new show on 6music (save it!)

Shipping forecast & Sailing By - just in case you’re worried or disturbed about anything, this is the cure