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Further to the previous post, is what’s startling about this image that it claims to be of, among others, Wyatt Earp, Teddy Roosevelt, Doc Holliday, Bat Masterson, Butch Cassidy, and the Sundance Kid or that it includes a man called “Liver Eating” Johnson?

Lovely site comparing photos of Paris from 1900& 2013 - yet more evidence that Paris is little more than a Belle Époque theme park

"After the refirmation were wars both foreign and infernal. If the Spanish could gain the Netherlands they would have a stronghold throughout northern Europe which would include their posetions in Italy, Burgangy, central Europe and India thus serrounding France. The German Emperor’s lower passage was blocked by the French for years and years."


The history of Mesopotamia in a 10 minute cartoon for adults? Yes please! 

Former mental_floss writers John and Hank Green have started a new nerdy thing on YouTube, and it’s pretty great: Crash Course is a series of educational videos covering World History (John) and Biology (Hank). The production values are high (including animation, HD, all that good stuff), and each video is about ten minutes long. 

So without further ado, I give you Crash Course #1: The Agricultural Revolution. 


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Read the whole thing - its amazing

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Photographs of a 90 year old’s larder clear out - I seem to remember very much enjoying cucumber spread