Build a LEGO construction in Chrome, in Australia


A picture of Barack Obama flashes up on the screen. There’s a big, warm smile on his face, but in the background there’s the sound of a helicopter gunship firing. “I searched for happy photos of Obama,” says Angelina, the game’s creator, “because I like him.”

Angelina makes computer games. I guess you could call her an indie developer of sorts – her games certainly exist away from the big-budget mainstream industry, and she doesn’t have a huge team at her disposal. Like many indie developers, she seeks to inject her games with meaning and purpose, and tackle issues that other releases stray away from. There’s just one difference between her and most creatives working in the field.

Angelina isn’t a human being. She’s a computer program.

Angelina is the work of Michael Cook, a researcher at Imperial College London and, crucially, an avid RPS reader. She’s his PhD project, and with her, Michael intends to explore new possibilities in autonomous game development.


reaDIYmate - real-time remote control over the Internet from reaDIYmate on Vimeo.


reaDIYmate - real-time remote control over the Internet via get addicted to …

A clock displaying the time as mentioned on twitter

Cubelets Engineering Prototypes (by eric schweikardt)

A web font for common icons & other useful assets

Make interactive children’s books on the iPad itself - it was only a matter of time, right?

I know this is pretty much just replacing a stylus with a toy, but still: the possibilities! I think my head just exploded.

Someone call Lego.