Infographic: The Rise and Fall of Online Empires
Interesting chronological look at our online evolution. 

"We don’t want everything for free. We just want everything."

Fascinating story including the beautiful detail that bots on Amazon are now composing books out of Wikipedia content , which they then, according to another story I saw, engage in automated bidding wars for.

What is Bitcoin? (by weusecoins)

So someone took Cryptonomincon a little too seriously

An app (& hardware) that allows you to take credit card payments

wondering about the stories behind the food abandoned on the wrong supermarket shelves

The theory apparently being: Facebook is the internet the media can control.

This is a great idea - it would be perfect to get rid of all the stuff we need to get rid of in our house move, but there’s nothing for London - we’ll have to see what we can do to change that, won’t we?

Interesting article about Hirst’s activities in marketing his work and brand - most particularly interesting for the suggestion that the auctions themselves are probably his only truly creative/interesting artworks

I am irresistably reminded of that old Fry and Laurie sketch in which a conservative minister is a restaurant is given a huge sack of plastic sporks for cutlery: “Oh, they’re all awful, but you’ve got choice and that’s the important thing, isn’t it?”