BBC 6 Music TV Trailer (by sixgroupsix)

This looks like an absolute must watch: how come I didn’t see it at the time? (plus: how could I have forgotten the magnificent Hywell Bennet?)

Thank you Baby Jesus, it’s just what I wanted! Hooray, hooray, even just for a day… (please stop making films and doing acting and having silly old careers, A&J. Seriously, who needs a career? Get back on the radio, we miss you)

"The BBC does not compete. Like the NHS, it may not be perfect, but it is paid for by the public in order to provide a service to the public. It is not in competition. Thankfully there are somethings in public life that are not all about market forces and the lowest common denominator — our oldest and most important broadcaster is one of them. It competes with commercial broadcasting in the same way a mountain competes with a road: the mountain was there first, and if the road doesn’t want to route around it, it can piss off."

Warren Ellis: Unfair competition in 2010

What he said, only more so, and with pitchforks

Merlin - The Cinema Trailer - BBC One (via BBC)

Oh: for tits’ sake. I watched this with the sound down & I can still tell its purest bobbins.

I wish people would stop making shit Arthurian adaptations - it just ruins it for the people who would make the good ones